Meet Annie

Here’s something about me. And how I can help you.

If you need a professional proofreader then you’re in the right place.

You might be an author, business, publisher or student – you will find out if we’re a good match by reading my ‘What I Do’ page.

Qualities of my proofreading service

You are guaranteed:

  • training and professionalism – see my qualifications below
  • integrity – you are offered fair Terms & Conditions, within the CIEP Code of Practice
  • consistency – your writing style is analysed for all matters of inconsistency
  • quality – a high standard of efficient error-checking.

Here’s why I am qualified to check that your writing is error free. My training certificates follow below:

Courses & Qualifications

proofreading certificate

I have completed these trusted and respected CIEP training courses (most recent first):

In the beginning …

A retired classroom teacher, I started my freelance proofreading business in January 2017, when I suffered health issues.

I began as an Entry Level Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) in January 2016. I upgraded to  Intermediate Member in February 2018 by training and gaining experience as a proofreader and editor.

My background …

I graduated in the late 80s with a BEd degree (Primary Education), having grown up in Paisley, near Glasgow. Hence the Scottish name for my blog. Have you read any of my blog posts yet?

On graduation, I ventured ‘South of the Border’ – eek – to begin teaching.  I taught in classrooms in Essex, until 2015. Now I use my marking and marketing skills to freelance with my own business. With MUCH enthusiasm.

If you are a fellow editor or teacher, I post a monthly blog called #TallTartanTalks (Was #TallTartanTells) about my business experiences. Read my weekly tips about my experiences on LinkedIn by searching for the hashtag #TallTartanTips. If you click follow, you won’t miss any of my posts.


Another part of my portfolio is tutoring primary school children on a 1-1 basis. Some habits are hard to break …  See my Tuition page.

I also need little people in my life as I live with two strapping sons and an artistic husband, all over 6 feet tall. Stroking the cats helps too.

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