Need a Proofreader?

Welcome to Proofnow! Do you need professional proofreading services? My name is Annie Deakins and I am Proofnow Proofreader.

You’ve written something. You need someone to check it. It could be a website, dissertation, children’s book, or textbook.

I have trained extensively to proofread. That is, to check errors and inconsistencies in writing, giving you a reliable and efficient service. Adaptable and distinctive,  I provide valuable proofreading skills.

Education is my specialism. With my background in teaching, I understand how learning happens.

Have a look around my website. Find out who my ideal clients are. Then get in touch if you think we would be a good fit.

You could be an ideal client …

Children’s Books

I can help you. Do you need a proofreader for books of fiction or non-fiction for 5-11 year olds?

Educational Publishers

I can help you. Do you need a proofreader for learning materials or primary or secondary textbooks?


 I can help you. Are you presenting writing for the public? Does your website or newsletter need proofreading?


I can help you. I can proofread your dissertation or thesis. 


I tutor primary children too, as a retired teacher. See my Primary Tuition page.

‘No More Germs’ by Jay Martey. Non-fiction book on hygiene for 3–7 year olds self-published by Independent Publishing Network.

“Thank you for proofreading, Annie. Let’s spread the message (healthy hygiene habits, not the germs!).”

no more germs


Editor of Outlook parish magazine

I provide monthly editing services for the 40-page Outlook parish magazine for Great Dunmow and Barnston (St Mary’s & St Andrew’s churches).

May Outlook magazine