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It can be both exciting and bewildering becoming a freelancer and running your own business.

Maybe you’ve got fed up with being an employee and want to offer your services as a freelancer. There’s a lot to think about.

Although you need to put things in place in order to turn your specialism into your own business, it is now under your control. You are the boss! So let’s get on with going freelance and becoming a sole trader.

How to set up your freelance business

You are applying your specialism to your role as a freelancer. Here are things you need to put in place:

  • Register for Self-assessment for tax purposes and National Insurance with the HMRC.
  • Build a website to advertise your services.
  • Network with others in your specialism; and any other freelancers. Freelancing can be lonely. 
  • Train in your specialism. Listing regular CPD will reinforce your professionalism. 
  • Consider who your clients are and where you will find them.
  • Have a contract in place. Agree terms with client. Send an invoice when work is completed.


From now on, I am referring to editors and proofreaders (my specialism).

Below are free resources for new editors and proofreaders. If you are freelancing in a different area, for example, tutoring, do contact me for advice.

Click on the images below to download free documents and adapt them for your own needs.

terms and conditions general
Terms and Conditions – General




blank invoice template
Blank Invoice Template





feedback form

Feedback Form


CIEP resources

Here, I include links to other CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading) resources which I have found invaluable as a freelancer. You need to be a member to access some of these links. If you are not a member, sign up!

See items to purchase (guides) as an investment rather than a cost in your career as an editor/proofreader.

Remember, membership of professional bodies and purchases to help you with your role are tax deductable.

CIEP Guides

CIEP Forums

CIEP suggested minimum rates

21 Top Tips for Freelances from the CIEP website

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