Children’s books

Proofreading children’s books

I proofread children’s books using my decades of knowledge of teaching reading in the classrooms of primary schools.

I understand how reading and writing inform each other.

When teaching, I showed the children how to read and value well-written stories; I showed how they could improve their writing by how I modelled the way stories were structured and written. I continue to share books as part of my tuition lessons.

Self-publishing authors: how I can help you

If you are an independent, self-publishing author of children’s books and need guidance, here is information you need to know.

Age bands of children’s books

Generally, there are a lot of ways to categorise books. But all published books have to be given BIC marketing categories, which have specified age groups based on interest level (not reading level), so publishers will categorise their books into these age groups:

0-5 years
5-7 years
7-9 years
9-11 years
12+ years

Fiction and non-fiction will be split into those age groups. Although we generally see most non-fiction for the 5-7, 7-9 and 9-11 ages.

The 0-5 age group can be broken down into 0-2 and 3-5 to specify board books or picture books.

The terminology used for each type of book:

Board books 0-2
Picture books 3-5
Early Readers 5-7
Young Fiction 7-9  (Also sometimes referred to as chapter books.)
Middle Grade 9-12
Teen 12-15
YA 16+

Genres (types) of children’s books

  • Fiction, eg fantasy, horror (Goosebumps series), personal and social issues (by authors like Jacqueline Wilson)
  • Non-fiction: hobbies and interests, reference (for topic research, eg volcanoes).

Have a question?

When you enquire if I am available to help with your book, it would be useful to know what age group you are targeting.

If you are still unsure, visit any bookshop and flick through a variety of children’s books. Choose different ranges of ages and genres. Looking at these will give you examples of how the writing and illustrations are presented.

If you are a children’s author, see my Rates page for my packages.



  • Oxfam Denmark: book about children in Ghana for use in every primary school in Ghana.
  • The History Press: Black Poppies (about the Black community in the UK during the First World War, due for publishing in September to coincide with Black History Month in October.

Children’s book authors

  • My Amazing ADHD Brain: A Child’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD by Emily Snape, published by Vie (via Summersdale Publishers). For 4–9 year olds. Available on Amazon.

my amazing adhd brain book


  • The Foot of the Night by Molly Kirkby. For 9–12 year olds. Available on Amazon.

children's book: The Foot of the Night


book cover of Our Joey Book One



I have supported several independent children’s authors to self-publication (indies) as a Partner Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors. See my profile page here.

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