Are you a college or university student? Do you need a proofreader?

Deadline looming …? Are you struggling to finish writing a thesis or dissertation?  Has your supervisor recommended that you get your work checked by a proofreader? I will proofread your spelling, punctuation, grammar and context with my wide experience of proofreading skills.

The following errors will be indicated for you to correct:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Punctuation inconsistencies
  • Grammar inaccuracies.

I will: provide you with a list of suggested changes using Track Changes in Word, or on a marked-up PDF. The original text will not be altered apart from the markers indicating errors for you to change.

I will not:

  •  Rewrite passages of text to clarify the meaning;
  •  Change any words except to correct spelling;
  •  Rearrange or reformat passages of text;
  • Contribute any additional material to the original.

I will raise queries if the sense is wrong. As the student, you will take responsibility for accepting the proofread changes. Proofreading will raise your writing to a higher standard.

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