Free resources for editors

free resources for editors

Here is a bank of resource templates for freelancers, whether you are an editor or proofreader.

Click on the images below to download free documents and adapt them for your own needs.

Ts & Cs general

Ts & Cs students




blank invoice template

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Scroll down to find the LinkedIn colleagues I have spotlighted in my #ProofnowProfile on #ThursdayThumbsUp. Find and follow these hashtags on LinkedIn.

Here are my #TallTartanTips for edibuddies and freelancers which I share weekly on LinkedIn.

They are a handy reminders I have picked up in social media land about how to do marketing when running your own business. Also, think of them as mantras to help you maintain a positive mindset.

✔ Feel the fear and do it anyway.

✔ Share T&Cs with clients. Have a contract or email agreement to protect yourself.

✔Feel safe to ask questions. If it is the client of the customer, is the brief clear, are there any misunderstandings? Don’t be shy to ask questions. If you are a fellow edibuddy who wants advice, email is a safe space.

✔ Think of yourself as a business owner, not just freelance. It will change your mindset.

✔ Like, comment, and  engage with connections on social media.

✔ ‘Follow’ useful  connections on LinkedIn, who might know others in industries you have an interest in, who could help with work.

✔ Plan content for social media; have a strategy.

✔ Know your worth when quoting a price. Don’t ‘race to the bottom’ for just any job. It lowers your value and those of others who are competing with you.

✔ The 3Ps: patience, perseverance, persistence.

✔ Look out for yourself and your mental health. Ensure a work/life/social media balance. Get some fresh air.

✔ Put aside some time each week to explicitly learn some CPD, or read those notes from a course attended last term … A half day should do it – Monday morning or Friday afternoon is good for me when I am either planning my week ahead, or reviewing how my week has gone.

✔ Make time for resources, e.g. listen to  ‘The Editing Podcast’ by Denise Cowle and Louise Harnby. This valuable content is enriched with extra resources. My favourite episode: How to use tricky punctuation …

✔Invest money in resources: you need to speculate to accumulate, e.g. buy a subscription to PerfectIt by PerfectIt finds inconsistencies in areas such as spelling and styling.

CIEP Resources

Below, I include links to other CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders) resources which I have found invaluable as a freelancer. You need to be a member to access some of these links. If you are not a member, sign up! It’s an investment in your career as an editor and/or proofreader.

CIEP model contracts

Suggested CIEP minimum rates

CIEP Guides

CIEP Forums

21 Top Tips for Freelances from the CIEP website

#ThursdayThumbsUp #ProofnowProfile

Proofnow Profile

25/02/2021: Nicholas (Nick) Taylor

18/02/2021: Rosemary Cunningham

11/02/2021: Christina Petrides

04/02/2021: Alison Gilbert

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